Google Maps Offline Save Tutorial

How to download an offline map in google Maps?

Wifi and mobile data are not always accessible when you are underground or maybe your plan does not gives you free roaming. Then it is extremely handy to have an offline map so you can still enjoy the directions and GPS routes for free. Good news is it only take around 200Mo of space on a phone for all Paris region. Follow our tutorial and get it done within one minute.

1. If not already done. Download the google maps app android or apple store.

2. Open the app and click on the top right side like the red arrow below. It is suppose the be the first letter of your name. This will open the settings panel of google maps app.

3. Click on Offline maps like the red arrow below.

4. Click on SELECT YOUR OWN MAP at the top.

5. Drag the map to the area you want to save and zoom with two fingers. We advice to take all “Ile de France” like the picture below to have Airports too. Once done click on download. You have nothing else do to, the map will download itself and be available even without WiFi/3g/4g/5G.

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