What to do at Disneyland Paris, all 52 activities explained, attractions, roller coasters, height limits, tips and video guide

Location : Frontierland

1. Phantom Manor (9/10)

This is an amazing Disneyland ride to do for all ages. Even the “queue” is a particular experience as you go trough strange rooms setting you in the perfect mood for the ride. With a creepy atmosphere and light games…the soundtrack in itself is grandiose. You will comfortably be seated in a scary carriage that will slowly move like a train. The attention to detail in this activity is amazing. Link to go here. Video here.

2. Frontierland Playground “Pocahontas Indian Village” (5.5/10)

Unless you need a break or/and make you children even more tired we do not advise taking them here. It is an “ok” playground like any other. You can really spend your time better at Disneyland, Especially for children. Link to go here. Video here.

3. Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing (7/10)

Nice for French not so special for Americans! The boat and the “US based” atmosphere around this small lake is cute. This tour only worth it if your child want to do it :). It only takes around 10min anyway. If you see the boat close to the boarding area it might be the right moment to hop on without waiting at all. Link to go here. Video here.

4. Big Thunder Mountain (9.5/10)

One of the most popular attraction of the park since decades! It is a light roller coaster in a train cart, yet very impressive. Specially as it is also accessible to young children as the minimum height is only 1.02m/3.34ft. The scenery is a inspired by an old mine in Colorado USA, and will leave nice memories to all the family. Link to go here. Video here.

This attraction is not free. You have to pay 2€ to get to shoot on those nicely animated targets. It is definitely very well done and not like a classic fair shooting range. It is similar to a laser gun but the noise of a big shotgun is made trough speakers when you shoot. Children and adult can have fun as each target will have his own animation. But their is no prize to win if you are good. The bad point here is you pay 2€ for only 15 shoots, so pay attention to precision. Let the children decide if they are interested…if not just pass and save that money :). Link to go here. Video here.

Location : Adventureland

6. Adventure Isle (8/10)

This is not an attraction but a very pleasant exploration walk for all the family. You will visit rock formations, vegetation, cute bridges, skull rock, grottoes, pirate ship, waterfalls, pirate playground for children. All the family will enjoy too discover every hidden gem of this place together. Link to go here. Video here.

7. Pirate Galleon (7/10)

“Le Galion des Pirates”, a boat to go on with children, will only take a few minutes. Link to go there.

8. Pirates’ Beach (6.5/10)

This is a “sub attraction” accessible form Adventure Island close to the pirate Galleon. It is a cute themed child playground. Link to go here. Video here.

9. La Cabane des Robinson (7/10)

Swiss Family Treehouse is another sub attraction of Adventure Island and a must do. It is a tree house full of little details. Accessible to all the family. Link to go here. Video tour here.

10. Pirates of the Caribbean (10/10)

One of the top things to do at Disneyland Paris! You will remember this experience, the ride, the sounds, the music, the animated characters, everything is well done and is an ode to pirates legends. The ride is done inside a small boat floating on a water circuit, it makes it even more fun, not to mention some pretty steep falls! Can be done by all the family even small children. This attraction is also one of the longest in the park with 9 minutes of full pleasure ! Link to go here. Video ride here.

11. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril (9/10)

The jungle ruins theme come from the famous series of Georges Lucas Indiana Jones directed by Steven Spielberg. The ride is impressive and features a looping. Unfortunately the duration is only about 90 seconds. There is often a long waiting time (up to 120min in the afternoon), to save time you can go there directly when the park open. Ask to be at the front if you like to be thrilled, it changes everything. Keep your head backward as the turns are sharp for the neck. A lot of children under 10 years old will be unable to board as the minimum eight is 1.40m/4.59ft. Link to go here. Video here.

12. Le Passage Enchanté d’Aladdin (6.5/10)

If your children know about Aladdin movie you can just pass by here and see animated scenes inspired form the Disney movie. It only takes a few minutes to walk trough this passage. Link to go here. Video here.

Location Fantasyland

13. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (7/10)

In French “Blanche-Neige et les Sept Nains”. The story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Good thing to start off there is few waiting time here. However be careful with young children. Visitors reports some parts of the ride to be too scary for a child under 5 year old (confirmed by my own 4 year old daughter 🙂 ). The attraction is done in a mine cart and is a bit dated nowadays. Yet many people like it. Decide yourself from the video here. Link to go here.

14. Casey Jr. – The Little Circus Train (7/10)

“Le Petit Train du Cirque”. Board this magic train to discover the dwarfs mines, house of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, ginferbread houses from babes in the woods, Rapunzel’s tower with Tangled braid hanging out od the window, the Old Mill, Prince Eric’s castle from The Little Mermaid, The Greek temple, Mount Olympus, the “night on Bald Mountain” from Fantasia, snowy landscapes from Peter and the Wolf, The Caves of Wonders from Aladdin, a scene from the Sword in the stone, Bell’s village and the beast’s castle from Beauty and the Beast, the Emerald City and Witch’s Castle from Wizard of Oz. But good luck to see all that in one 2 minutes ride? So check out the next activity to help you with that. Link to go here. Video here.

15. Storybook Land Canal Boats (8/10)

In French “Le Pays des Contes de Fées”. This is the exact same location and setting than “Le Petit Train” above, except that you will be much better placed from certain scenes. We would do this one in second as you have more time to have a closer look from this 15 pax boat that goes slower than the train. The attraction also last longer with a good 6 minutes to complete. Overall it is more enjoyable and cute than the train. Big plus there is only a little waiting time here so you can come when everywhere else is full. Link to go here. Video here.

16. Dumbo the Flying Elephant (7/10)

This looks like a standard fair ride, but it is very popular since the opening of Disneyland Paris in 1992. You can go up and down by pulling a lever inside the Elephant, making this more fun! The bad point is sometimes the waiting time can be up to 60 minutes for a short 90 seconds ride. So check the waiting time on the board before you decide to go in. Link to go here. Video here.

17. Sleeping Beauty Castle

“Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant”. This is the iconic Disneyland Paris Castle, the most beautiful in the world (or definitely the cutest 🙂 ). Renovated in 2021, it took 50 000 hours of work just to renovate this castle. It become even more magical with the Disney Illuminations and Fireworks show in the evenings. The nice thing is you can also go in with the next attraction “La Galerie de la Belle au Bois Dormant” = “Sleeping Beauty Gallery” in French. Link to arrive at the Castle here.

18. La Galerie de la Belle au Bois Dormant (7.5/10)

You can access it by passing under the Castle and go up the stairs, many people miss it. This is the indoor part of the main castle and took many work to create those stained glasses and objects about the Sleeping Beauty story. You can even go outside on the first floor. You can see everything in a few minutes so take the time to visit it. Link to go here. Video here.

19. La Tanière du Dragon (8/10)

The Dragon’s Lair is definitely an memorable experience for children. I still remember the first time I saw it 30 years ago. It is the sleeping beauty dragon half asleep half upset in his cave, but the magic works as it is moved by animatronics! It only take a few minutes too. You need to go on the left side when facing the castle from the roundabout. Link to go here. Video here.

20. Pinocchio’s Daring Journey (8.5/10)

“Les Voyages de Pinocchio” in French. On board on a wooden car for 2.30 minutes of Pinocchio magic. A must is at least to read the book or show the movie to your children before visiting as they will enjoy the ride much better. This is very well done and retrace the story of Pinocchio brillantly with nice scenes and animated scenes. This attraction is old, and quite the same style of Snow White (Blanche Neige) above, but less scary for young children. Link to go here. Video here.

21. Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups (9/10)

This is a very simple carousel yet very successful and fun. Everybody enjoy a tour in these quick turning tea cup’s (without getting extreme). The cups are inspired from the movie Alice in Wonderland from 1951. The decorations are superb, and you can make you own cup turn as fast as you want by moving the central wheel inside the cup. We strongly advice to do this attraction at night as the lighting take another dimension. Few waiting time. Link to go here. Video here.

22. Alice’s Curious Labyrinth (9/10)

One of the most beautiful labyrinth to experience! You will have to find your way up to sleeping beauty Castle to get rewarded by the super cute view from the tower top! No waiting time at all here you just enter the labyrinth. It is not too difficult even for children and even relaxing. Everybody will have fun as Alice in Wonderland theme is respected, characters and decorations are done beautifully. Careful not to loose your children! Link to go here. Video here.

23. It’s a small world (8.5/10)

A 10 minutes cruise in a cute boat to travel into 7 continents and observe 300 traditionally dressed dolls. Mary Blair created this theme in the 60’s and it remained since then. The song “it’s a small world” is iconic of Disneyland Paris and remembered by all visitors as it stays in your head forever! It is not scary, it is relaxing. So a must do for all young children, toddlers, even babies! Usually the waiting time is 10 to 30 minute max. Link to go here. Video here.

24. Princess Pavilion (9.5/10)

Top to see for all the little princesses 🙂 Your daughter will see stained glasses of castles of Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty. More importantly you get to meet all those princesses in the flesh! During covid restrictions the princesses meetings are not available but may return soon. Just on the left side of “it’s a small world” do it before or after depending of the queues. Waiting time can go well above 1 hour so pick the best time from our guide. Link to go here. Video here.

A classic merry-go-round, the “Lancelot carrousel” have hand-sculpted horses, one of the most beautiful you can find in Paris. The ride last around 2 minutes. Users sometime report a waiting time of 50 minutes, far to much for this type of attraction, this must be during peak hours. Just check the waiting time when passing next to it. If it is under 15 minutes hop-on. Like the tea Cups, try it before you leave the park, as during the night the carrousel is more beautiful, not to mention less waiting time. Link to go here. Video here.

26. Meet Mickey Mouse (7.5/10)

Also named “Rencontre avec Mickey”. Every child used to enjoy this experience to meet all top famous Disney characters. Post covid19 there was a nice waiting area with classic Mickey movies in projection, and then you could meet Mickey for a few minutes in his private artist’s dressing room. He would show you all his little secrets. Prices to buy a picture with one of the characters is high with 10€ for an downloadable and 15€ to 30€ for a printed photo. For now this is all gone, it is now a show on the stage instead of the classic movies projection. Link to go here. Video of the real attraction here. Covid one here.

27. Peter Pan’s Flight (7.5/10)

Hop-on into a flying galleon over London and Never Land. You will see Captain Hook, Indians, Mermaids and all characters inspired from Peter Pan’s world. The ride is a bit old now but if your child also know Peter Pan’s it will be good. Seat the children on the sides not in the middle, for them to see better. Big plus it is not scary at all for small child as opposed to Snow White. Careful as the waiting time is often more than 1 hour for a 3 minutes ride. We wouldn’t wait more than 30 minutes for this one…read our guide to save time. Link to go here. Video here.

Location : Discoveryland

28. Autopia (6.5/10)

Take the wheel of those futuristic cars imagined in the 50’S. Careful as this is not a bumper car attraction, there is a real ICE motor inside. You just have to accelerate and the car will follow the tracks by itself. Nothing impressive, making it ok for young kids. You can go up to 3 inside including children. Minimum height of 81cm/2.65ft. The ride takes around 4 minutes. We wouldn’t wait more than 30 minutes for this activity. Link to go here. Video here.

29. Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast (9/10)

Extremely well rated shooting attraction. 100% fun and not much waiting time outside usual peak hours! You are shooting the “z” targets with a laser gun, your score is visible on board in live. Some targets give you more points, so it is important that you read the tutorials in the walls when entering the activity. No minimum height, good for all children and boys love it. This ride was renovated recently and the Buzz Lightyear universe is done to perfection Link to go here. Video ride here.

30. Mickey’s PhilharMagic (9.5/10)

Very well rated and not a lot of waiting time. Even nicer if your children never experienced real 3D glasses. It is a Disney musical 4D experience (Basicaly a 3D movie with some extra effects in the theater). All the most famous songs of Disney are here : “Be Our Guest” from Beauty and the Beast, “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid, “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” from The Lion King, “You Can Fly” from Peter Pan, “A Whole New World” from Aladdin, “Un Poco Loco” from Coco character. Link to go here. Video here (WDWorld).

31. Orbitron Flying Machines (7/10)

Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings of the solar system. It is a “carousel style” attraction. Just like the “Flying Elephant” you can decide how high you ride with your 2 seat vessel. A ride take 1.30 minutes. No age limit and no minimum eight. It is better to do it a night as the lights around are more impressive. Waiting time is quite long at peak hours. Link to go here. Video here.

32. Les Mystères du Nautilus (7.5/10)

It is not exactly an attraction, but more of a walking visit. You will visit the iconic submarine of Captain Nemo’s, from Jules Verne story in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas. A tunnel will lead you underwater till the immersed submarine called the Nautilus in this famous Sci-Fi movie from 1954. No waiting time. Nice for children too. Link to go here. Video tour here.

33. Star Tours: The Adventures Continue (9.5/10)

This is one of the top rated attraction at Disneyland Paris. A Star Wars spacecraft 4D simulator! You enjoy the interstellar airport atmosphere as soon as you start queuing in the space station corridors, full of immersive details. You even get a pre-boarding briefing by C-3PO in person! This is the new version of the old Start Tours. Now with 3D glasses and 60 different ride combinations. You will fly in hyperspace to Tatooine, Death Star, Jakku, Hoth and others…Minimum height 1.02m/3.34ft. Link to go here. Video tour here.

34. Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain (9.5/10)

Top rated attraction of the park. This is the new version of “Space Mountain”. It is a blend between a roller coaster and a star wars simulator. It include a looping and corkscrew but the overall ride is not to brutal. The first launch is very impressive as you will feel 1.5g of acceleration. This launch system is inspired from a Aircraft carrier aircraft Catapult. You will ride an X-wing trough different intergalactic fights for 1.30min! Minimum height is 1.20m/3.93ft. A lot of queuing here, do it in the morning. Link to go here. Video here.

35. Welcome to Starport: A Star Wars Encounter (8/10)

A unique meeting when you will speak with the iconic Darth Vader from Star Wars. Definitely something to do for all children and adult that know this saga. Little ones might be a bit afraid but he know how to make them comfortable and enrol them towards the dark side of the force! Link to go here. Video here.

Location : Main Street USA

36. Discovery Arcade

This is good to do when you leave Disney as it is a beautiful walk under a vaulted hall. It display’s invention of the 19th Century during the industrial revolution. Right at the entrance of the park this arcade is also a nice way to avoid the crowd going to Discovery Land. Link to go here. Video here.

37. Disneyland Railroad

Travel around the park in an old style steam-powered train, having a nice sight on different areas of the park. This is always nice to do specially if you have to go from one side of the park to the other. You can do it at Discovery Land at the end of the day for less waiting time. Link to go to Discovery station here. The full circle takes around 13 minutes. Link to go to the main station here. Video here.

38. Horse-Drawn Streetcars

A very special way to go down Main Street USA form the entrance of the park in this 19th Century style bus ride :). The ride is free and the horses are very well behaved. Link to go here. Video here.

39. Liberty Arcade

Parallel to Discovery Arcade, it is the same beautiful arcade “museum” concept. This time focused on the Statue of Liberty creation and history. You can walk in the arcade and access some shops and restaurants protected from the rain, good point for winters in Paris. Also a good shortcut to go to Frontierland! Link to go here. Video here.

40. Main Street Vehicles

Get a unique chance to ride 70 to 100 year old cars link the Mercer, Paddy Wagon, Omnibus, Fire Engine or Limousine. One way trip that stop in Town Square and Central Plaza. It is the same circuit than the horses. Link to go here. Video here.

41. Frontierland theater (9/10)

This is new from 2019 and have exceptional reviews from visitors. It play Rhythms of the Pride Lands at the moment. It is a wonderful singing and dancing show inspired from The Lion King. You book before visiting the park and can pay 15€ per person for “guaranteed access” to your chosen show from the Disneyland Paris app, on DisneylandParis.com or in the Park City Hall. Again see The Lion King before is a must. it last 30 minutes and show are at 12.30/13.30/16.05/17.05 Link to go here. Video here.

Location : Walt Disney Studios Park and World of Pixar

42. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (9.5/10)

Top rated at Walt Disney Studio. Inside an abandoned hotel, experience a lift in a 13 storey free fall! It goes up to 60m high. Inspired from The Twilight Zone tv series of the 60’s, creators of the attraction watched all 156 episodes and they nailed it, with the help of more than 5000 different decorative objects. This is a haunted elevator that have multiple scary and bizarre levels…till the point when it will fall down! It goes up to 60m high. Considered by many to be the best attraction of all Disneyland Paris parks. The staff have an amazing role here to make the 3 different scenarios seems real. Change of elevator of you to it again, for a different experience. Minimal height is 1.02m/3.34ft. Link to go here. Video here.

43. Disney Studio 1 (6/10)

It’s a huge Hollywood movie set from the ’20s till 60’s right in front of you when you enter WDStudio’s park. You will feel like you are in an old movie. Basically what you can do in this big hangar style building is shop souvenirs gifts and fast food. If you ask us it does worth to waste a lot of time here, but maybe you can just cross quickly and see by yourself :). Link to go here. Video here.

44. Animation Academy (6/10)

Amazing for people who love to draw or paint, much less interesting if you don’t. In a cute big classroom, you will learn the techniques to drawn Disney characters for free. Link to go here. Video here.

45. Les Tapis Volants – Flying Carpets Over Agrabah (6/10)

Similar to the Elephants and Orbitron. But here you can also choose the tilt of the carpet in addition to the high. Strangely less well rated than the others…maybe because three of this kind is too much. Plus this one goes lower and only last 60 sec. Link to go here. Video here.

46. Cars – Four Wheels Rally (7/10)

“Cars Quatre Roues Rallye”. This is similar to the “Tea Cup’s” of the main park with more sensations, and you don’t need to make it rotate yourself. The concept is you turn on a disk with a car, but this time you will surprisingly change of disk and merge with an other group of cars. The engineering is well done, you really think you are going to collide with another car! Nice for children, no minimum height but it goes quite fast. A plus is the waiting time is often shorter than other attractions. Link to go here. Video here.

47. Cars ROAD TRIP (7/10)

If there is not a big waiting time and you have young children go head, if not we find this attraction a bit dull. The highlight and only nice moment is when you enter the canyon with a tremor, the gas truck lit on fire and then water will splash all over. This part is nice…pity the rest is nothing more than a train passing in the forest (supposed to be road 66) with some Cars themed decorations here and there. Maybe improvements will come later. Link to go here. Video here.

48. Crush’s Coaster (9/10)

One of the best roller coaster of Disneyland Paris in terms of sensations, very popular. The theme is from Nemo. Many visitors advice to do this first at Walt Disney Studios to avoid queuing more than 45min. Some reported than despite being allowed for child above 1.07m/3.51ft, they do not advise before 8 or even 10 years old as it is scary in terms of speed feeling. Link to go here. Video here.

49. RC Racer (9/10)

A different attraction based on sensations only. It last approx 50 seconds but it is enough to enjoy the feeling of going up and down this reversed arch at speed. It worth it but don’t go of there is more than 45 minutes wait. Single rider queue available. Minimum height 1.20m/3.93ft. Link to go here. Video here.

50. Ratatouille: The Adventure (9.5/10)

In French “Ratatouille : L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy”. The best attraction for children and adults together, all the family will love it. It is important to see the movie Ratatouille first. You will seat in a moving cart with 3D glasses with 4D effects, and passing trough different adventures of Remy and his friends. It is a mix between 3D scenes and real decorations themed to perfection, aiming to make you feel as small as a real rat! “Ratatouille: L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy” is the attraction not to miss at Disneyland Paris Walt Disney Studios. Link to go here. Video here.

51. Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin (7.5/10)

Inspired from Toy Story, this is only good for the small ones, under 6. Good point is there is very little waiting time here, so why not. You will go around in circles inside a big dog trying to catch his tail. No minimum height. Link to go here. Video here.

52. Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop (8/10)

A parachute drop perfect to bring sensations for the little ones, with a minimum height required 81cm/2.65ft. Your feet will be hanging in the air and you will experience several 25m/82ft soft drops, enough to bring some feeling to children. You will have nice views too. If you are an adult the waiting time can be very long for what it is, you can always try the solo rider queue to save time. The theme is from Toy Story. Link to go here. Video here.

53. Our tip to save

Check our quick guide to buy the cheapest tickets at Disneyland here.

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