How to visit Paris with Covid Regulations ?

What are the Covid rules to visit Paris at the moment? How to get the Heath pass?

The “Pass Sanitaire” or Health Pass

The Health Pass is required for all adults already and will be the same for all visitors aged 12 years and over from the 30th September 2021. The health pass will be mandatory for the following activities: bars, restaurants, museums, airports, leisure activities with more than 50 pax, sport activities, weddings, cinemas, stages and operas, concerts, swimming pools, Disneyland and other leisure parks.

When will the Health Pass be removed in France? Since many weeks, a lot of anti Health-Pass protest where organised. Protests are peaceful as a majority and are not disrupting the tourists and businesses. There is a debate about the efficacy of the COVID-19 Pass in France, but the French President Macron did not commit whether France will extend the Covid Pass after the 15th November 2021 or not. There have been rumours that the Covid Certificate will be removed in some areas such as Cinemas and restaurants soon.(Update of the 16/09/2021).

How to get the Pass Sanitaire in France (Covid Health Pass)

There are 3 ways to get the Health Pass:

1. Being fully vaccinated with an EMA approved vaccine (list here) or similar. 7 days after AstraZeneca, 4 weeks after Johnson & Johnson, 7 days for people that already had covid (only one dose for those).

2. By having a negative PCR or Antigen test in the last 72 hours. Before August in was only 48 hours.

3. If you recovered from COVID-19, attested by a positive PCR or antigen test result at least 15 days ago and not more than 6 month old.

The sometimes called “Green Pass” can be digital from this app or on paper showing the proof of vaccination or PCR results. The pass have a QR code that will be scanned upon entry into the venue or event.

If you are EU resident. The EU digital COVID Certificate is also accepted to travel from European Union, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland and the Vatican.

If you got vaccinated out of Europe you can have a tutorial on how to apply for the French COVID Health Certificate online. Link here.

Where to do a PCR or rapid test in France?

There are many places to do an antigen or PCR test in Paris. You can click on this map and to find where you can do a PCR or Antigen test near you. The address is always provided so you can just copy past it in Google Maps. Some establishments even offer saliva test for more comfort; check in this second website and if you read “Tests salivaires possibles” you can do a saliva test.

How much cost a PCR and rapid test?

You might be wondering what is the price of a COVID test in Paris. It will cost you around 49€ for a RT-PCR test and 29€ for the antigen one. It is not refunded for travellers anymore. So we would go for the antigen to save money in most cases.

Covid rules for a flight to France

Like many other countries, there is strict rules for any passengers to travel from and towards France/Paris because of the Covid pandemic.

If you are vaccinated for Covid:

There is not restrictions except having the proof of vaccination mentioned above and approved by the EMA. You will also need a sworn declaration that you have no symtoms of COVID and that you where not in contact with someone Covid positive during the last days prior your flight. Statement of honour to download at the bottom of the page in this link. Children under 12 do not need a PCR or Antigen test to flight to France.

If you are not vaccinated for Covid:

You have to check the official link below as it depends of you travel to a green, orange, red country. And the list change all the time.

For green countries you can produce a Covid test an be allowed to flight if it is negative. Some test will need to be taken 24 hours before the flight for certain countries but usually it is 72 hours.

For amber or orange countries you can not travel unless you have a pressing ground for travel (Download the word document with the updated list here). Each passenger over 12 need to present a PCR of less than 72 hours or a antigen test less than 48 hours. You will also have to fill in the sworn declaration. Statement of honour to download at the bottom of the page in this link. The sworn declaration also ask you to take a test once you arrive in France + to self isolate for 7 days.

For red countries you need to present the PCR or Antigen test done less than 48 hours prior departure. Same rules as amber applies plus a 10 days mandatory quarantine. You will need to provide a proof of address for your quarantine like and hotel or any proper accommodation.

The best is to always double check with this official link that is updated by the French government

Useful and official information links

Our full guide on how to visit Paris in 2021/2022 : Link guide here.

France Covid regulations directly from the government website in English : Link Covid regulations

Museum Pass to visit Paris up to 6 days : Link Museum pass here.

This Covid information is provided solely as an indication and does not preclude any modifications.

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