Guide for Paris Taxis, Cabs, Uber, VTC, G7…what is best?

We will list all best taxis app and cabs providers and compare their fares.

The Quick Taxi Booking from the Airport or Paris center

You can book a taxi directly from the blue button below. The advantage is it is fast, in English, no app to download, no account to create, unlike all other options. The taxi driver will speak English. He will also monitor your flight and in case of a delay adjust the pick up time, the car is regularly sanitised by the driver, plus they have a 24/7 costumer service.

You will have your taxi waiting for you for sure and even a picture of your driver in advance :). Price for Roissy Airport to Eiffel Tower is around 67€ and make it worth the money for a 2€ difference with a regular taxi.

The Taxi apps in Paris (like Uber, VTC, Lyft, Curb, Bolt)

The are a few “Uber type” taxis app company available in Paris. What is good is you can see the rating of your driver.

There are usually cheaper than licensed taxi but you need to download an app, list here :

  • Uber app app around 47€ from Roissy to Eiffel Tower. And 32€ from Orly to Eiffel Tower.

Uber Green is Electric or Hybrid Vehicles. We encourage you to chose this one to reduce tourism CO2 emissions.

UberX is allowing you to share the ride with other passengers. It is cheaper than Uber access.

Uber Access is a vehicle that can accommodate a wheel chair, pets, or just someone that need an extra assistance when using a taxi.

  • FreeNow app does not allow to do estimate of prices. Therefor we can not recommend them as this lacks transparency.
  • MyDriver app is own by the big car rental company Sixt. Again they don’t allow an estimate before you sign in and download. Making it difficult to compare for any users.
  • Heetch app is also famous in France, they don’t allow estimates. They are famous to be cheap but you would have to download and check for your particular trip to find out if it is worth it.

The Licensed Taxis

Those licensed taxis have been around since 1111. They can buy/sell their licence for around 100 000€, needless to say they are one of the most expensive.

You can find them privately how or also as a company fleet. You can recognise them as they have this specific white sign “TAXI PARISIEN” on their roof.

They have a rate by kilometers driven sorted as A (1.09€), B (1.38€), C (1.61€) depending how far you want to go (map here).

Example of prices for airport transfers :

G7 prices are around 55€ for Roissy CDG and 35€ for Orly Airport till Eiffel Tower area. Good point for this company you can also do a quote before booking.

When we tried the quote we saw a price a little bit higher than the 32€/37€ advert for Orly, the real price was 39€. Same for Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport at 65€ instead of 53€/58€ in the website advert.

How to call a taxi when you see one? First of all check if the light at the top is green or red. If green you can just wave at them and they will stop.

Prices of Uber vs Taxis comparison

As showned above their is a small difference between Taxis price and Uber prices.

From Paris CDG Airport to Eiffel Tower Taxis are 65€ and Uber 53.26€, and in an Green vehicle polluting less!

You will save 11.74€ in you taxi booking in Paris here. Better spending it on french food 🙂

From Orly Airport to Eiffel tower the price in a taxi is 39€ and Uber 35.54€. You save less here as the distance is smaller.

The Airport Pickup app makes it 2€ more expensive than licensed taxi for Roissy but you have the English speaking driver + flight delay monitoring.

Is taking a taxi in Paris safe or dangerous?

It is relatively safe to take a taxi in Paris. But you want to avoid individuals that never have to report to anyone.

A good way of protecting yourself is to pass trough a famous company as they will fire any driver that have behaviours problems and keep the well educated ones. That is why an online booking is safer, you have a trace of what happened…and with whom. That parameter will also control misbehaviour from some individuals.

There a few cases of people getting attacked by the taxi driver but that can happen with a Uber too. Taxi drivers also report getting assaulted by clients regularly, specially at night with drunk passengers. Taxi in the Paris area are usually doing a difficult job for few money, making it appealing only for a certain category of society. Some taxi driver are however doing very well as it also depend on their working strategies and personal organisation.

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