How to go from Paris Airports to Paris city? Orly, Roissy Charles de Gaulles and Beauvais guide

Guide from Orly Airport to Paris.

Orly airplane boarding zone

This airport is a bit less good than Roissy as there is no direct metro station connection. But there is a bus service as explained below.

Airport location : Orly is in the south of Paris at approximately 45 minutes car drive from Eiffel Tower (direct link to map).

Public transports :

  • : Ticket price 9.50€. Orly to “place Denfer-Rochereau” Paris in 30min. Every 8-15 min. From 6am to midnight. We mostly advice this one as you arrive in zone 1 in Paris. It is directly available outside the airport in all terminals.
  • : Ticket price 9.30€. Orly to RER B Antony station in 6min. Every 4-7min. From 6AM to 23.35PM. We don’t advise this as you still have to take the RER in zone 3 which is more expensive that zone 1. And this station is not the safest… (See our metro guide).
  • TRAMWAY T7 : Ticket 1.90€. Orly to Villejuif in 30min. 5.30AM to 00.30AM. Every 10min. Again like the Orlyval you don’t arrive in the metro zone 1. You will be wasting time here and Villejuif is not the best place to be near paris either.
  • BUS : Ticket 2€ : leaving from Orly 4, but if you arrive at Orly 1,2,3 it will set you for 15 walk (plan here). This is absolutely the cheapest option and it can take you up to Paris Porte de Choisy. (line map here). This bus trip will take around 45min but you will be right in paris in zone 1. From this zone you can buy the tickets as mention in our guide metro here.

Guide from Roissy CDG Airport to Paris

Roissy airport from the sky. Dmitry Avdeev cc 3.0

This airport is the best for paris as it is big and have a direct metro station link to the “RER” line B.

Airport location : Roissy CDG is in the south of Paris at approximately 60 minutes drive from Eiffel Tower (direct link to map).

Public transports :

  • : Ticket price 13.70€. Roissy to “Palais Garnier in Paris” Paris in 75min. Every 15-20 min. From 6AM to 0.30AM. This is a good option but not as good as the one for Orly, as it is long. Also you have the better option just below with the “RER”.
  • RER : Ticket price 10.30€. Roissy to RER B to Gare du Nord or many other stations in Paris in around 30min. Every 10-20min. From 5AM to 23.59PM. Going to Paris by the RER B subway is the fastest and easiest option in this case. (See our metro guide). However if you want to save money you can have a look at the bus options below.
  • BUS : Ticket 2€. Roissy Airport to Porte de la Chapelle in 60-80min. 6AM till 10.30PM. Every 15-30min. It is quicker that the bus 351 below but really “Porte de la Chapelle” is not that safe nor beautiful, not the most glamorous way to arrive in Paris…We advice the line below to arrive in a much better place for an extra 10 minutes in the bus.

Paris-Beauvais Airport to Paris

© Aéroport de Beauvais-tillé

This is a small airport and far from Paris, with a whooping 100km distance to cover before reaching the capital city. Therefor we don’t advice you to book a ticket to Paris leading to this airport unless you ticket make you save a lot. We will also show you the cost to arrive to Paris below. Used by Ryanair, bBlue Air, Volotea, Wizz Air…

Airport location : Beauvais is located north of Paris at approximately 90 minutes drive from Eiffel Tower (direct link to map).

  • Airports car rental

This option is only worth it if you don’t want to use public transport, and for the price it is actually cheaper than a taxi return that would cost around 400€.

Public transports

Also if you plan to visit outside Paris you might as well just rent your car straight from the airport. You can find a small car for 7 days around 220€ if you use a good prices deal finder like the link below.

  • Option 1 : Official Airport coachservice . One of the easiest and cheapest way to arrive to Paris from Beauvais is to book a coach ticket here. You can book one way 15.90€ or return 29€. Children between 4 and 11 of age will pay 9.90€ or 19.80€ return. This line is the official airport line and will take around 80 minutes and will droop you at Porte Maillot bus parking pershing, at the border of Paris but safe.

  • Options 2 : Bus and train. Not advised by the airport as complicated and time consuming around an 120min. When out of the Airport go to bus line 6 and buy your ticket inside (time table here). Travel time to train station is around 15min. Go down at “Gare SNCF” station. Here you can buy a train ticket for Paris Gare du Nord around 16€.

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